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1.Muhammad Bilal JahangirMuhammad Bilal Jahangir8319356
2.Earl PetersonEarl Peterson4839533
3.mike Onaekomike Onaeko8621422
4.28 L c Phát28 L c Phát148206
5.Mouad SirajMouad Siraj71814
6.Epic FunEpic Fun36253
7.Karthik AnandKarthik Anand20142
8.Bill WooBill Woo7180
9.Ahad Ali BaigAhad Ali Baig4250

Mental Royale is a Multiplayer Math Game to practice your mental arithmetic skills.

You can play against up to 5 other players or practice your math skills against bots (if no one is around).

Once you join, the game will wait for enough players to gather or fill the empty seats with bots. After a quick countdown you will have to solve the first task, e.g.: 5 + 9.

The faster you solve the equations, the more points you get and the higher you climb. Players that reach the top, will push everyone (them included) a couple steps back. The water level will slowly rise from the bottom, players that touch the water are eliminated.

The last player standing will win, good luck and have fun!